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Message from our Chairman
AYG has a proud Saudi heritage, dating back in 1978 and has been growing steadily since. We have progressively expanded over the years and now have branches in Oman, Bahrain and Tanzania.The Group is capable of performing multi-million dollar projects. Our success has been driven by our ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions that often produced many challenges but more importantly created new opportunities for long term growth. Importantly, we continue to make the strategic investments necessary to increase our competitiveness over the long term. we also continue to invest internally, building on our organizational capabilities by upgrading business development, human resources and safety and quality functions including the establishment of an exceptional internal audit department and ERP system - all with the objective of pursuing excellence. We have a skilled team of over 500 multi-disciplined professionals that are guided by the foresight and pioneering vision of the management team and armed with extensive working experience and dedication to the company's success.Looking ahead into our Fourth decade,  we will undoubtedly continue to be tested by historical events unfolding across the region  but I am convinced that the steps we have taken over the last few years  along with the commitment of  all our employees and shareholders provides the necessary foundation for successfully meeting those challenges and harnessing exciting opportunities. We have a focused strategy to continue to expand our reinforcing and expanding our regional leadership in the gulf region. With the commitment of our team and the confidence of our clients, we look forward to achieving our ambitions